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8 Etsy Cat Lover’s Gifts for Mother’s Day



Note: This post contains affiliate links. Full disclosure.

8 Etsy Cat Lover's Gifts for Mother's Day

Find the purrfect Mother’s Day gift for cat-loving mums at Etsy!


Don’t know what to buy your cat-loving mum on Mother’s Day?

Here are some great gift ideas any cat lady would love!

Cat mum T Shirt

Cat Mama T-Shirt by SillyWillysBoutique




Mother of Cats

Mother of Cats Mug by VikitoGifts




Unique Cat Love Mug, Cat lover Mug, Cat Gift, Cat Mother Mug,

Unique Cat Lover Mug  by JohnnyBirchDesigns



#CaturdayArt Valentine’s Day Cat Lover Gifts at Etsy

This post contains affiliate links,

We are getting in the mood for Valentine’s Day with this fab Etsy Valentine’s Gift collection we have compiled for you to get you in the mood too 🙂

5 Beautiful Etsy Valentine's Day Gifts for Cat Lovers

5 Beautiful Etsy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cat Lovers

Check them out! Amazing talent on Etsy 🙂


Etsy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cat Lovers

My Cat is my Valentine's

My Cat is my Valentine Mug (purrfect for me as it’s true!)





Personalised Cute Cat Pencil Case

Personalised Cute kitty Cat Pencil Case






and PET ART!
Caturday Art Blog Hop

Christmas Cat Lover Shopping at Etsy #CaturdayArt

Christmas Gifts for the Cat Lover in Your Life All Under £25!

For Caturday Art today I am featuring some lovely cat lover’s gift finds from Etsy UK. I am an Etsy affiliate so if you make a purchase through the links I share I’ll earn a little commission to help fund my blog.


I must say I am really impressed with some of the amazing gift ideas I have found. These will really make the cat lover in your life’s Christmas! And of course, some of these are purrfect for your adorable feline too 🙂

If you’re looking for Athena’s Caturday Art, entry you will find it at the end of this longish post. But first, take a look at these fab finds 🙂

Catnip Kicker Toy

This Catnip Kicker Toy is lovely! Your cat will have hours of fun with this one 🙂



cat print

Love this funny cat print! Oops Cat Print


Purrfect Cat Lover’s Sign – Be Proud!


knitted cat toy

How Cute is this Knitted Cat Toy!



personalised cat treat storage jar

What an adorable cat treat jar!




Custom Pet Portrait Illustration

This is really sweet. Get a Custom Pet Portrait Illustration Here


And here is our Caturday Art pic for today. My beautiful Athena posing on her cat scratcher. I just love the Old Photo effect on FotoJet!

Caturday Art Blog Hop

Old Photo Effect

10 Reasons Why I Love My Cat

There are so many reasons why I love my beautiful cat Athena, but here are 10.

true love

  1. She is a beauty Of course she is. And she knows it! But I admire everything on her sweet furry little body. Her lovely big emotive green eyes, which watch me all day long (and probably during the night when I’m asleep). Her magnificent markings, her delightful whiskers, her little kissable mouth, her pointy ears, her super silky smooth fur, her tiny fangs… yes everything!
  2. She makes me laugh/smile She really is a funny little thing sometimes. Always doing silly things. And she pulls the funniest faces, like this one.Funny face
  3. She warms me up at night She sleeps on my bed at night and usually curls up against my legs (especially on cold nights). I know it’s mostly because she wants to warm herself, rather than me, but I don’t know. She is always by my side anyway, follows me around the house and meows like mad when I leave her on her own downstairs. She is free to come up whenever she wants, but she meows so I can go downstairs and pick her up. I know it’s a bad habit, and I’m partly to blame for giving in. But I can’t resist her cute baby meows.sleeping tabby kitty
  4. Makes me feel complete I used to chase my dreams and people because I thought they’d make me happy. But I now realise a cat is what makes me happy. I am complete. Of course I have my human worries like everyone else, but Athena helps me cope with a lot of things and makes me realise that I have to try and live in the moment.
  5. She is my soulmate. I know I keep saying it but I know that our bond goes way back in time. I also had this feeling with my beautiful Suzy. I had just lost my dad and was in a bad place when I rescued Athena, but her beautiful soul rescued me right back.
  6. She inspires me A lot of my creative ideas I believe come direct from Athena. She is wise all right, just like her namesake. Not only ideas for my blogs, but I got into photography because of her. She also inspires a lot of my writing now. And because of her I have learned so much about eyes
  7. She listens to me I know she does. And she really understands. I totally believe that. And she’s sensitive to my feelings. She just knows when I’m in need of extra purrs and hugs. She will snuggle up on my lap or sleep by my side when I’m sad and I need to escape life for a while. That’s where our lovely cosy afternoon naps come in.
  8. She likes my singing I used to be a singer. I don’t sing that much now but I still like to practice once a week and Athena actually seems to enjoy it. She seems to like the ballads and softer music I sing, but she is not keen on heavy rock and metal which I need to use my belting voice for. It must sound like shouting to her, so she stays downstairs (yes, I still sing in my bedroom!) I have videos of little kitten Athena washing herself on my bed and listening to me sing, but for copyright reasons (songs not being mine) I can’t post.Athena as a kitten
  9. I can be lazy and it doesn’t matter and I have an excuse to nap in the afternoons. She totally relaxes me and makes the purrfect meditation companion. Her purrs are something else.
  10. She lets me be a mum. I’ve never really wanted children, but I do have strong maternal instincts when it comes to animals, so I can’t but help being her mum. After all, she was a little orphan when I adopted her and I believe she sees me as Mum too.

cat love

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