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#CaturdayArt Vintage Cat Photo

I love the look of vintage photography, old style photos and sepia. And I feel that Athena’s magnificent markings look amazing in sepia tone as well as in black & white and colour.

Here I used the SuperPhoto app to achieve two different old photo/sepia effects.

Old Photo


SuperPhoto Curled Sepia

And the more “arty” Curled Sepia


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Caturday Art: Vintage Cat

Nothing too artsy today. Just a lovely photo of Athena in vintage sepia-tone and I added a simple frame.

vintage style cat


Caturday Art Blog Hop

Simply edit photos of your pets or any animal using one of the many free photo editors available online – or any editing program you like.

Enjoy creating and sharing your artsy pet photos. It’s a great way to find new blogging friends and followers!


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Caturday Art: Two Tabby Cats

Today I’m experimenting with sepia again. It’s one of my favourites and I love the vintage feel.

This beautiful ginger tabby is one of our regular cat visitors to our back garden. You’ve seen him before on this blog and also on Athena’s blog. He’s such a sweetie and so affectionate and I’m always happy to see him. It means I get to take more cat photos! Athena however, would rather I didn’t because she wants to be top model 🙂

Ginger friend

No need to look so worried, Athena. You will always be my number one! xxxxx

sepia caturday art

My beautiful fur daughter.

Vintage at Zazzle

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Caturday Art Blog Hop

Caturday Art Blog Hop

Caturday Art: Old Photo

I love the look of old photos so I created this in iPiccy. There is something very warm and romantic about the vintage look and I love creating this effect with cat photos.

Here is Athena enjoying her nap on my bed (or should I say our bed?) with some sunlight highlighting her sweet paws 🙂

old photo filter

Old Photo Style (iPiccy)


caturday art

Caturday Art Blog Hop

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