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Black and White Sunday: Long Paws Athena

Or is it arms?

Or front legs?

Long arms of Athena

Long arms

Long arm stretch

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Stories With Cattitude! (image courtesy of Completely Cats)

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Sunday Selfies

Sponsored by The Cat on My Head

Black and White Sunday Selfie With Athena

If you’ve read this post on Athena’s blog you will know that I haven’t been feeling well this past week and decided to take a small blogging break. I’m afraid I’d let things get on top of me and I needed to step back and take some rest to clarify my thoughts on certain personal matters.

I won’t go into it here as I’ve already mentioned it on Athena’s blog.

But I do miss all my pet blogging friends and their fur-babies so I couldn’t stay away long! So today I am back and participating in The Cat On My Head’s weekly Sunday Selfies Hop.

Sunday Selfies

Sunday Selfies

This photo has already been posted in colour on Athena’s blog today but here it is in Black and White!

Sunday Selfies in B&W

Sunday Selfies in Black n White

Black and White Sunday: Tabby Love

Who doesn’t love tabbies?

They are so beautiful and always look great in colour, black and white or sepia.

First, here’s my own beautiful tabby girl, Athena.  

Black and White Sunday Selfie

Black and White Sunday Selfie

And here is Athena again taking it easy on a Sunday

Easy Like Sunday

Easy Like Sunday

This is a neighbour’s cat, who I also photograph from time to time.

A local cat visits

A local cat visits

This lovely ginger cat is always so friendly and affectionate.

Another tabby visitor

Another tabby visitor

I may enjoy seeing these lovely cats as it gives me a chance to take more photos but Athena doesn’t. She really doesn’t like any of these cats on her territory. And as she’s an indoor cat, it is so hard for her. It makes me really sad, and I’m longing to build her a catio but that has to wait, just like everything else has to wait at the moment because we are in the process of selling our home. Hopefully, when we find our new property, Athena will get her own special enclosure and get to freely enjoy and explore her own garden. Our current back garden is huge but I would rather have a smaller one so I can then afford to enclose it to stop other cats from traipsing all over it, marking it as their own and upsetting my sweet girl.

The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is sponsored by THE CAT ON MY HEAD

Sunday Selfies

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop



Black and White Sunday Selfie: Photographer Cat

photographer cat

Athena posing with my camera


cat with camera

Athena checks out the camera


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Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head


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