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Black Cat Appreciation Day: My Sweet Tuxedo Girl

This is my sweet Tuxedo girl, Suzy. I’ve written about her before on my blogs and she is also the heroine of one of my books, The Snowflake Pendant

Suzy wasn’t a rescue kitten as my younger brother bought her from a pet shop (this was the 80s, and I wouldn’t purchase a cat these days). She was the most adorable fur baby, so sweet and affectionate. I quickly became her mummy, but she loved all the family equally I believe. But I guess she was closest to me because I have that effect on cats, I’m pleased to say!

I had her for 13 years as she passed over the Rainbow Bridge back in June 1998. I still miss her everyday.




Suzy in the sunshine


Little Suzy on top of the kitchen cupboard.

Sunday Selfie: World Pet Memorial Day

For World Pet Memorial Day I want to share some photos of my dear beloved Suzy, my first soulmate cat.

She was with me from 1985 until 1998, from my teens and all the way through my 20s. I grew up with her. And she grew up with me. She was a precious Tuxedo kitty, beautiful, affectionate, sweet, loving, cute, loved to go out early to watch and hunt birdies.

She loved napping on our beds and she loved music. My brother’s guitar playing and my singing didn’t seem to bother her.

June is her anniversary month. The anniversary of her passing. Most of my posts during this month will be dedicated to her.

Rest In Peace, my sweet Suzy.

One day we shall meet again, I am sure xxxxx


Little Suzy on top of the kitchen cupboard.


Suzy and me curled up together on the bed

Suzy and I curled up together on the bed

Sunday Selfies

Tuxie Tuesday

In honour of National Black Cat Day here is a photo of my late black n white ‘tuxie’ cat Suzy. Regular readers and followers will know that Suzy is my other soul cat, my first. She was a precious girl, came into my life as a tiny 6-week-old kitten and stayed with me for 13 years until I had to have her put to sleep when she got too sick.

She was so sweet, so lovable, so affectionate. I shall never forget her.

Rest in Peace my beautiful sweet angel xxxx

Suzy (1985-98)

Suzy, my other soulmate cat


Suzy in the sunshine


Sweet Suzy and Me in the late 80s.

Caturday Art: Forever in My Heart

On the 29th June 1998 I had to have my beloved black and white cat Suzy put to sleep. She was  just 13 years old (in cat years she was in her 60s).

I shall never forget this beautiful, loyal and affectionate little girl. She was the candle that lightened up my darkest days. She helped me grow, to learn to love, to see what really mattered in life, and to pick myself up and carry on. I wrote about her in great detail in my memoir The Cat Years: How My Cat Soulmates Saved Me

Rest In Peace my beautiful angel xxx
Forever in my heart

Suzy's Memory Box

My little memory box containing some of Suzy’s fur, a whisker  I found some days after she passed and her name /address tag. You can’t see it clearly I know. Sorry about that.

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