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#CaturdayArt: Springtime at Etsy

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Check out these great cat-themed products at ETSY!

Check out these great cat-themed products on ETSY!

As a cat lady, I love browsing online stores for cat-themed products.

Here are some of my latest finds for spring  🙂

This personalised necklace is so cute and would make a wonderful gift for any young cat lady.

Another beautiful gift for the cat lady is this cat sitting on the moon charm necklace.

Cat and moon necklace - Moon cat charm - cat necklace - Cat lovers gift - Moon necklace - Cat sitting on the moon charm necklace -

Cat and moon necklace – Moon cat charm

I think this tea towel is so sweet. It certainly makes wiping dishes more fun!

This fun coffee mug is just purrfect for the cat man in your life!

Cat Dad Mug, Cat Lovers Gift, Cat Coffee Mug

Cat Dad Mug,  Cat Coffee Mug

These plant pots are great for the green-fingered cat lover. I think they’re lovely and would look fantastic on any window-sill.

Succulent planter gift / Cat head planter / Personalized felt vase / cat lover gift / hostess gift - Set of three

Cat head planter  Set of three

This garden cushion would look good in any cat lover’s garden or conservatory.

I love this cat suncatcher!

These wall decorations will brighten up any cat lover’s home and would make a charming housewarming gift.

Cat lover gift, Unique wall art ideas, Cat decor, Cat wall art, wood cat decor, wall decor, housewarming gift, cat art, cat gifts, wooden

 Cat wall art wood cat decor

And for your pampered fur-baby, how about this delightful stool and bed?

Green stool dog/cat bed

Green stool dog/cat bed

And this little kitty cottage is just adorable!


Check out more fantastic handmade items on ETSY

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty's Caturday Art Blog Hop

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art Blog Hop

Sepia Saturday

Happy Sepia Saturday!

Sepia Saturday Cat Photo

Athena was hiding under the table when I took this.

Ruckus the American Eskimo Dog Blog


See other gifts available on Zazzle.

Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

Here is a selection of cat-themed gifts from the Purrs Full of Love store.

Why not order that special gift for the cat lover in your life?

Mooncat flask
Mooncat flask by PurrsFullOfLove
See more hip flasks at zazzle.com
Tabby Cat in Profile Pillow Throw Pillows
Tabby Cat in Profile Pillow Throw Pillows by PurrsFullOfLove
Find more Black and white Pillows at Zazzle
Purrfect Love Key Chains
Purrfect Love Key Chains by PurrsFullOfLove
Check out another Keychain at zazzle.com
Purrfect Love Aprons
Purrfect Love Aprons by PurrsFullOfLove
See more Cooking Aprons at zazzle.com
Proud Cat Daddy Tee Shirt
Proud Cat Daddy Tee Shirt by PurrsFullOfLove
Check out Men’s T-Shirts online at zazzle
Cat Baby Bib
Cat Baby Bib by PurrsFullOfLove
Check out other Baby Baby Bib at zazzle.com
Cat Baby Bib
Cat Baby Bib by PurrsFullOfLove
See additional baby bibs at Zazzle
Mooncat Tshirt
Mooncat Tshirt by PurrsFullOfLove
View more Cats T-Shirts at zazzle.com
Tabby Cat Mousepad Mousepads
Tabby Cat Mousepad Mousepads by PurrsFullOfLove
Shop for Computers Mousepads online at Zazzle.com

Check out my other two Zazzle stores:



Cat Lovers Check out this Site! – “All Things Cat: Cat Lovers Gifts and Cat Care”

Like most cat lovers, I adore visiting cat websites and blogs and spend a lot of my time doing just that. It certainly brightens up my day!

So today I will tell you about another great cat website.

All Things Cat is a cat website “dedicated to lots of information regarding cats, information on cat health, cat care and cat lover merchandise.”

Sounds great to me!

And this immediately struck a chord:  “Our cats bring us so much love, companionship and joy that most feline lovers desire items that depict this special relationship.” – My sentiments exactly!  And I’m sure every cat lover agrees with me.

Gorgeous cat-themed products for cat lovers!

Yes, loads of cat-themed products await to delight your eye. From cat rings, cat jewelry, cat handbags, cat handmade gifts, home decor items, cat books and so much more.

Items such as this cat watch, which is rather beautiful and sweet, don’t you think?

 cat lovers' watch

Or how about this pretty framed cat needlepoint?

cat lovers' framed cat needlepoint

Lots of information about cats

If you are looking for info and advice about cats, I’m sure that you will find whatever you need as  there’s a wide range of articles on the site  – from cat care, to making the right food choices for your cat and advice on cat health and dental health.

Yes, this website really is “All Things Cat” so go and visit today!

All Things Cat

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