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#CaturdayArt: Springtime at Etsy

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission. Full disclosure HERE

Check out these great cat-themed products at ETSY!

Check out these great cat-themed products on ETSY!

As a cat lady, I love browsing online stores for cat-themed products.

Here are some of my latest finds for spring  🙂

This personalised necklace is so cute and would make a wonderful gift for any young cat lady.

Another beautiful gift for the cat lady is this cat sitting on the moon charm necklace.

Cat and moon necklace - Moon cat charm - cat necklace - Cat lovers gift - Moon necklace - Cat sitting on the moon charm necklace -

Cat and moon necklace – Moon cat charm

I think this tea towel is so sweet. It certainly makes wiping dishes more fun!

This fun coffee mug is just purrfect for the cat man in your life!

Cat Dad Mug, Cat Lovers Gift, Cat Coffee Mug

Cat Dad Mug,  Cat Coffee Mug

These plant pots are great for the green-fingered cat lover. I think they’re lovely and would look fantastic on any window-sill.

Succulent planter gift / Cat head planter / Personalized felt vase / cat lover gift / hostess gift - Set of three

Cat head planter  Set of three

This garden cushion would look good in any cat lover’s garden or conservatory.

I love this cat suncatcher!

These wall decorations will brighten up any cat lover’s home and would make a charming housewarming gift.

Cat lover gift, Unique wall art ideas, Cat decor, Cat wall art, wood cat decor, wall decor, housewarming gift, cat art, cat gifts, wooden

 Cat wall art wood cat decor

And for your pampered fur-baby, how about this delightful stool and bed?

Green stool dog/cat bed

Green stool dog/cat bed

And this little kitty cottage is just adorable!


Check out more fantastic handmade items on ETSY

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty's Caturday Art Blog Hop

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art Blog Hop

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Impressionist art filter in BeFunky

Impressionist art filter in BeFunky


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Sepia Saturday


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Throwback Thursday: 1985

Here’s two photos of my sweet Tuxedo cat Suzy as a kitten in 1985.  She passed over the Rainbow Bridge in 1998. She wasn’t my first cat, but she was the first that really changed my life and one of my soulmate cats. We shared thirteen wonderful years together and she always looked after me. She was with me through all the ups and downs of my late teens and throughout my twenties. Suzy, my other soulmate cat

Life wasn’t easy for me, but Suzy was my best friend through it all, and now, in hindsight, I wish I realised just how lucky I was to have her. Why could I not see that the pure love and soulmate love I was looking for was already in my life? I was too busy searching for it elsewhere. In boyfriends, friends, fame and the bottle. I know most people go through similar situations, but I just wanted to share so I’m sharing.

But that’s life, isn’t it? You live and learn.

I always loved Suzy and always will. We were incredibly close, and I became her mum, but she was the family cat and loved us all equally I think. She was really my brother’s cat, because he was the one that bought her from the pet shop (this was the mid 80s, my brother was only 14 at the time,  and I don’t recommend buying a cat these days, not when there are plenty available for adoption at animal shelters!)

Suzy in my arms

Tiny Suzy in my hands

You can read more about Suzy and me in my cat memoir THE CAT YEARS: HOW MY CAT SOULMATES SAVED ME , which is available in eBook format and in print from Amazon (makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for cat-loving mums!)

As a big music fan, I thought it would be fun to share what music I was listening to at the time (and yes, these are affiliate links and if you buy I do receive a tiny bit of money, which goes towards the running of this blog).

As most of you know/remember, 1985 was the year of LIVE AID.  Suzy arrived in our lives when she was a tiny  six- week-old kitten in June (yes, I know, much too young!), and she was still tiny a few weeks later on July 13, which was Live Aid day.

Other stuff I was listening to in 1985

If memory serves me correctly, this is what I was listening to back in 1985. My music tastes have changed quite a bit since then, in case you’re wondering.  But as an 80s teen I was influenced a lot by what was in the charts at the time.


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