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Suzy (1985-1998)

Black and white Sunday Selfies of my beloved angel cat Suzy.

On the 29th of June 1998 she crossed he bridge but I’ll never forget her. This beautiful girl was with me for 13 years and was my everything. Always there to help me through many heartaches and from her I received the most beautiful unconditional love. And of course she had all the love she could ever need from me and my family. But it was me who took the most care of her and I know she looked upon me as her mother. ¬†She was my first fur-daughter.

I miss you, Sweetie xxxxx

Suzy on the patio

black and white Sunday Selfie


Caturday Art


Sunday Selfie

The Neighbour’s Cat Sunday BW Selfie

Black and White Sunday

The neighbour’s cat on our fence



The neighbour’s cat in colour


Cutie next door

Next door neighbour cat



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Sunday Selfie: World Pet Memorial Day

For World Pet Memorial Day I want to share some photos of my dear beloved Suzy, my first soulmate cat.

She was with me from 1985 until 1998, from my teens and all the way through my 20s. I grew up with her. And she grew up with me. She was a precious Tuxedo kitty, beautiful, affectionate, sweet, loving, cute, loved to go out early to watch and hunt birdies.

She loved napping on our beds and she loved music. My brother’s guitar playing and my singing didn’t seem to bother her.

June is her anniversary month. The anniversary of her passing. Most of my posts during this month will be dedicated to her.

Rest In Peace, my sweet Suzy.

One day we shall meet again, I am sure xxxxx


Little Suzy on top of the kitchen cupboard.


Suzy and me curled up together on the bed

Suzy and I curled up together on the bed

Sunday Selfies

Black and White Sunday Selfie: I’m Watching You

Black and White Sunday

Athena has her eye on something!



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Sunday Selfies

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