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A Visit From a Furry Friend

I haven’t seen this little visitor for a while. He’s a beautiful ginger cat who used to belong to one of the neighbours down our street. I heard that after he’d grown out of kittenhood they didn’t want him any more. Yeah, it makes me mad too 🙁

But another kindhearted neighbour, a cat lady like myself, took him in. He seems well fed to me and seems to have put on quite a lot of weight. I’m so happy he has someone to take care of him.

Athena doesn’t like him hanging around in her garden, though. As an indoor cat, I know she gets stressed seeing him as she sees him as a threat. But he is such a sweet-natured kitty and so very friendly that I can’t just ignore him. I don’t make too much of a fuss over other cats, for Athena’s sake, but this little guy is so special, not to mention handsome, that I can’t resist snapping a pic of him when the opportunity arises.

He is always happy to be photographed, and I have taken many photos of him.

This one is from a while ago that I took with my Canon 600d.

black and white Sunday

Ginger walking amongst the bluebells

This was snapped on my iPhone just the other day after I hadn’t seen him for a while. He greeted me with a meow on top of our garden shed (and I meowed back  🙂 )

Ginger Greeting Selfie

Ginger Greeting

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Black and White Sunday Selfie

black and white Sunday

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Black and White Sunday Selfie: Pretty Kitty Athena Gazing Up

Black and White Sunday

Black and White Sunday


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