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Pets Used in Experiments #BtC4A

Animal lovers don’t want to see animals suffer. Many prefer to look the other way. But ignoring it doesn’t make this disgusting horror disappear. Animals do suffer. All the time. All over the world.

And you know what? Ignorance isn’t bliss. Not for the poor animal.

stop testing on animals!

Stop testing on animals!

Picture yourself being terrified. Locked up. Confined to a lifetime of barbaric torture. I won’t describe the horror here because I can’t, but if you want to see the reality of animal testing go HERE. But be warned if you are easily upset  😥

For some “animal lovers”, as long as it’s not an animal that is considered a pet that’s suffering, so what?  I’ve never understood that. All animals matter to me.

But I am focusing on cats and dogs here because the horrific truth is that these poor creatures are also being used in experiments and scientific research. Yes, it’s not just mice, rats, monkeys. Dogs and cats. Not that it makes no difference, as I said. To me, all animals are the same. Souls who want to live a decent life on this planet. Like us, they deserve a happy, healthy life. They feel. They love. They care for their children. They feel pain.

Some dogs and cats are specifically bred to be laboratory animals. This is a sickening fact that not many people are aware of.

For example, did you know that in the United States many dog pounds and shelters kill healthy dogs who haven’t been claimed or haven’t found forever homes?

According to Cruelty-Free International, “some of these dogs’ bodies are supplied to commercial companies that then sell them on to colleges and universities for dissection classes.”

Things must change

We must stop burying our heads in the sand because it won’t go away. These animals need our help. To help these poor animals. we must all face reality and speak up.

And just look what can happen if we do.  Just watch this beautiful cat who was rescued from a lifetime of torture in a laboratory. How does it make you feel?

And here’s Shira and Jax taking their first steps to freedom, away from the horrors they were forced to endure as lab animals.

What can you do?

SPEAK UP FOR ANIMALS  worldwide by signing petitions online and sharing the links all over social media to spread the word.





Together we can help end this horror.

Do it for the animals. BE THEIR VOICE!







BE, BLOG AND READ THE CHANGE FOR ANIMALS! – Get the badge & spread the word! #BtC4A

Find out more HERE or click on badge.

Blog the Change for Animals

Blog the Change for Animals

Thoughtful Thursday: Be the Voice for Animals

Voice for the Animals


Let’s all sign these PETITIONS to help animals. They need us!

Justice for Dog Beaten With Belt

Urge Stringent Laws Against Cruelty to Animals In S. C.; Increase Penalties As Felonies

Tell Mars Candy- Stop Animal Experiments

This week is also the World Week of Action for Animals in Laboratories.

The reality is that animals still suffer and die in laboratories. Over 100 million animals are still subjected to suffering and death, being tested for  things such as cosmetics, household products, drugs, pesticides and fertilisers. Find out how to get involved  and take action HERE

 UK General Election

Make sure you vote for someone who cares about animals. Check out the VOTE CRUELTY FREE website to find out MORE

World Cat Day: Take Action to STOP the Suffering of Cats used Laboratories

Today, it is World Cat Day. A day when cat lovers around the globe will celebrate a day dedicated to all things feline. Many already pampered cats will no doubt be extra pampered today.

Luckily, some cats do live a life of pure luxury in happy, loving homes. And why not? They deserve it! They deserve being loved and appreciated in a home where they are treated like members of the family. A home where they are loved and cared for, and are well-fed and have the comfort of choosing their own place to nap. A home where they feel safe and protected. A home where they will never feel fear and have to endure any suffering.

BUT… this is the real world, and sadly, this is not the case for some cats. Apart from the strays and feral, the unwanted cats, the starving cats, who are no doubt suffering too,  there are cats who yes,  may have a roof over their heads, but They are NOT secure. They are not protected. There are NO caring loving arms to embrace them. NO comfy lap available to sit on. Only NEEDLESS suffering.

Cats do not belong in laboratories!


Because hidden under these roofs, behind closed doors (and cages), there resides an ugly disgusting truth, One that the average cat lover or owner may not even  know about, or can even begin to comprehend that it exists. Most people (myself included some time ago), thought animal testing was usually carried out on mice and rats. Of course, all animals matter, and I have always been against animal testing, but knowing that adorable little kittens, who are capable of giving so much love and joy to any cat lover and of providing comfort and healing to many broken souls, can be subjected to such horrific laboratory experiments and then left to die in agony, discarded like rubbish,  just makes me so depressed and angry. I don’t even want to imagine what they go through. It makes me sick and tears me up inside.

THESE poor furry babies do suffer endless and needless torture.

Don’t believe me?

Then please read on.

Cats and kittens “suffering in silence”

A BUAV investigator,  Suzie, went undercover at a MSD Animal Health laboratory and found the shocking evidence of this cruelty.

Says Suzie: “Last year I was working undercover at MSD Animal Health and got to know many kittens during my time there, including Ben, Blackberry, Max, Otto, Rollie, Pollie, Simba, Toby, Thomas and George. They were all inquisitive, sweet little kittens, just like the cats so many of us share our homes with.

But sadly these kittens never saw the sky, breathed fresh air or felt the grass beneath their feet. Instead they were used and re-used in experiments and their precious lives terminated.

I feel terribly sad for the loss of those 15 little lives. These animals should have been in a loving home, spending their time playing and exploring. They should not have suffered and died in a laboratory.

Please take action in their memory today. Action you take really does make a difference to the animals and together we can unite to end the suffering I had to see.
Please share this message far and wide today. Thank you.”

Take action to stop the suffering of cats in laboratories this World Cat Day


Sign the Petition: Stop the killing of kittens, puppies and other young animals born to die 

Support at Thunderclap: Save kittens in laboratories

For more information visit the BUAV website


Stop the Testing and Killing of Puppies and Kittens at UK Laboratory

Did you know that at a certain UK Laboratory tests are still carried out on very young animals, including puppies as young as 4 weeks and kittens as young as 8 weeks?

And that some of the animals, including rabbits, calves and kittens, are allowed to suffer the full extent of the symptoms of serious and even deadly diseases?

During an 8 month investigation by British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), 92 beagle puppies, 10 adult nursing female beagles, at least 15 kittens and an unknown number of rabbits, calves and chickens were killed.


 From The BUAV website:

“A BUAV investigation has uncovered the shocking use of very young animals, including puppies and kittens in experiments in a UK laboratory. The eight month investigation carried out at MSD Animal Health has revealed that the animals, used in research for animal vaccines, were between 4 weeks to 6 months old. After testing, they were killed and their bodies cut up. Undercover video footage taken by the BUAV graphically shows the pitiful plight of these very young animals, including puppies becoming distressed and crying out during the taking of blood and lethal injections.”

Animal testing in UK Laboratory




This disgusting cruelty shouldn’t be allowed in this day and age!








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