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Pets Used in Experiments #BtC4A

Animal lovers don’t want to see animals suffer. Many prefer to look the other way. But ignoring it doesn’t make this disgusting horror disappear. Animals do suffer. All the time. All over the world.

And you know what? Ignorance isn’t bliss. Not for the poor animal.

stop testing on animals!

Stop testing on animals!

Picture yourself being terrified. Locked up. Confined to a lifetime of barbaric torture. I won’t describe the horror here because I can’t, but if you want to see the reality of animal testing go HERE. But be warned if you are easily upset  😥

For some “animal lovers”, as long as it’s not an animal that is considered a pet that’s suffering, so what?  I’ve never understood that. All animals matter to me.

But I am focusing on cats and dogs here because the horrific truth is that these poor creatures are also being used in experiments and scientific research. Yes, it’s not just mice, rats, monkeys. Dogs and cats. Not that it makes no difference, as I said. To me, all animals are the same. Souls who want to live a decent life on this planet. Like us, they deserve a happy, healthy life. They feel. They love. They care for their children. They feel pain.

Some dogs and cats are specifically bred to be laboratory animals. This is a sickening fact that not many people are aware of.

For example, did you know that in the United States many dog pounds and shelters kill healthy dogs who haven’t been claimed or haven’t found forever homes?

According to Cruelty-Free International, “some of these dogs’ bodies are supplied to commercial companies that then sell them on to colleges and universities for dissection classes.”

Things must change

We must stop burying our heads in the sand because it won’t go away. These animals need our help. To help these poor animals. we must all face reality and speak up.

And just look what can happen if we do.  Just watch this beautiful cat who was rescued from a lifetime of torture in a laboratory. How does it make you feel?

And here’s Shira and Jax taking their first steps to freedom, away from the horrors they were forced to endure as lab animals.

What can you do?

SPEAK UP FOR ANIMALS  worldwide by signing petitions online and sharing the links all over social media to spread the word.





Together we can help end this horror.

Do it for the animals. BE THEIR VOICE!







BE, BLOG AND READ THE CHANGE FOR ANIMALS! – Get the badge & spread the word! #BtC4A

Find out more HERE or click on badge.

Blog the Change for Animals

Blog the Change for Animals

Thoughtful Thursday: Speak Up For Cats #TrueCostOfKittens

Kittens need your help!

true cost of kittens

Protect kittens bred for sale

Cats Protection is calling for a change in the law to prevent the sale of sick and underage kittens.

Why is this law needed?

Kittens that are sick and far too young to be separated from their mother are being sold by those who are more interested in money than the welfare of animals. The law in the UK needs to change in order to prevent the sale of these sick and underage kittens. The Government is reviewing the law governing the sale of pets for the first time in over 60 years.

Cats Protection wants better safeguards for the commercial sale of all types of cats across the board whether they are non-pedigree ‘moggies’ or pedigrees.

Cats Protection is calling for:

  • prohibition on sales of kittens under eight weeks
  • closure of legal loopholes that allow repeat commercial breeding for sale from the family cat or cats
  • a clear definition of commercial pet sales to protect the welfare of cats and kittens

 Take action now

If you’d like to get involved with the campaign, click here to sign the e-petition


You can follow the campaign on Twitter by clicking here and by helping to raise awareness by sharing with the hashtag #TrueCostOfKittens

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. My only link with the Cats Protection is as a supporter. 

Dairy Free Chocolate for Chocoholics #BtC4A

blog the change for animals


My name is Marie and I’m a chocoholic.

For years I feasted on milk chocolate without giving a thought to the poor cows forced to produce this product in order for me to satisfy my craving. Even as a vegetarian (since 1984), I never thought to go vegan (I now am).

In a previous Blog the Change post I wrote about The Reality of Dairy and why I, as a vegan, I no longer consume dairy.

Rather than writing a long post regarding milk facts I thought I’d share this great infographic instead.

milk facts infographic

The Truth About Milk


Click here to read more about The Dark Side of Diary or watch this short video about modern dairy farms.

And here is why milk is bad for your health with some info on alternative ways to get calcium.  Milk and your health


So what’s the dairy free alternative to milk chocolate?

There are loads.

I recommend these dairy free vegan chocolates.

Moo Free

Moo Free chocolate is dairy free, gluten free, organic and vegan and really does taste like milk chocolate.  These chocs are made with rice milk and are simply delicious! Definitely my favourite 🙂

You can buy Moo Free chocolate from Holland & Barrett and also Amazon. I normally order mine online from Ocado with my monthly vegan shop.


Love this!

I also shop from Tesco and love their Free From chocolate range (as well as some other great Free From products for vegans.) NOTE: Not all products in the Tesco Free From range are suitable for vegans. Always read the ingredients.

I love these chocolate buttons

And these ice cream choc sticks are new and I’ve only had them once but they’re delicious!


Oatly is a Swedish company that makes delicious oat drinks. I love their oat milk which I enjoy with my porridge and also use it in my tea in place of milk.  The Oatly brand also makes this really tasty chocolate drink.  You can find Oatly products in more than 20 countries throughout Europe and Asia. I buy from either Ocado or Tesco.


Plamil produces vegan products to the highest standard, are dairy free and gluten free, and produced in their own ‘no nuts’ factory.

My favourite Plamil product is this delicious chocolate spread.

dairy free chocolate spread



Biona foods are organic, great tasting and thoughtfully prepared for an ethical lifestyle and use no chemical pesticides or herbicides on crops. However, not all their products are vegan. But this dark chocolate spread is and I love it!

For a list of vegan products available at UK supermarkets check out this link from The Vegan Society

If you’re looking for vegan food products and for more info on how to go vegan in the US check out Vegan Outreach and The American Vegan Society .

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by any company mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own.

Meow Monday Rescue: #WorldAnimalDay 2016

Tomorrow is World Animal Day. Let’s all unite to help animals all over the globe!

World Animal Day

From the World Animal Day website:

Celebrate World Animal Day – 4 October


To achieve this, we encourage animal welfare organisations, community groups, youth and children’s clubs, businesses and individuals to organise events in celebration of World Animal Day. Involvement is growing at an astonishing rate and it’s now widely accepted and celebrated in a variety of different ways in many countries, with no regard to nationality, religion, faith or political ideology.

Events are organised under the World Animal Day Umbrella by being publicised on this website and advertised using the World Animal Day brand and logo. Global branding effectively ties all events together and, over the years we have found this approach to be particularly helpful to grass roots groups who struggle to attract media attention in order to raise awareness of their work and fundraise. This draws attention to animal issues and makes them front page news – a vital catalyst for change. Each year the logo becomes more widely recognised as a global brand for animals. A brand that unites the animal welfare movement – firmly establishing itself as a platform for raising the status of animals.

Participation in World Animal Day will continue to grow until it reaches and connects animal advocates in all corners of the world. It’s something that everyone can join in with, whether they are part of an organisation, group, or an individual. We regularly receive wonderfully inspiring messages about World Animal Day from animal advocates around the world. For example:“Thank you once again for your inspiration and support towards this auspicious World Animal Day that continues to make a huge difference for animals in Africa and the world at large.” Josphat Ngonyo, Executive Director, Africa Network for Animal Welfare, and “What World Animal Day is doing for animals is truly influencing all of us in amazing ways.”

Having a central platform for promoting animal welfare issues facilitates and greatly improves progress being made. VISIT THE WORLD ANIMAL DAY WEBSITE TO FIND OUT MORE

How to get involved

There are so many amazing ways for you to get involved in this global event to help animals. There are some great ideas HERE.

This is what I am doing with my furdaughter Athena. We are raising awareness with a selfie and sharing on our social media! You too can do the same. 

mum and cat selfie
Other things I am doing to help animals

I am already doing something each day for the animals. Even if it’s just a retweet to help an animal that needs a home I will do it at least once a day. But most days it’s more than that as I like to be quite active on social media advocating for animals. I love the fact that we can now do so much to improve animals’ lives online. When I first became involved with animal rights (way back in the late 80s) it was basically the dinosaur age. And if you are an introvert like me it’s hard to get out there. I was never into protests but always gave my support to animal charities in whatever small way that I could. I joined a few organizations and charities, and donated whatever I could afford.

Now I can do it all online with my two blogs and social media accounts. I love doing it. It’s my way of making a difference and I do a little every day. Even if I only have five minutes, I’ll tweet or pin or like and share.

I also donate royalties from my book A FOREVER HOME FOR ATHENA to 3 of my favourite cat charities as well as the royalties from some of my Zazzle store designs.

Animals need a voice

If you have a passion for animals and you really want to make a difference to their lives, then I’m sure you will find a way to speak up for them on World Animal Day. But how about doing a little bit every day or at least once a week? Every little bit helps!

And if you are already advocating for animals, then well done you!


Check out my rescue board on Pinterest for animals in desperate need of a forever home

Follow Marie Symeou’s board Pet Adoption & Rescue on Pinterest.

Check out CatChat for your local cat rescue shelter

You can also search for a cat near you at Cats Protection

Animals needing rescue immediately in the US

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any organisations mentioned in this post. As an advocate for pet adoption, I hope to spread the word on animal rescue in any way I can. By writing these posts I am hoping to do my bit to help animals and be the voice they so badly need and deserve.

The link below however does contain affiliate links. If you purchase anything through clicking any of these links I will earn a small commission but proceeds from the products themselves will be donated to an animal charity of my choice  Full disclosure.

View more gifts at Zazzle.

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