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Pets Used in Experiments #BtC4A

Animal lovers don’t want to see animals suffer. Many prefer to look the other way. But ignoring it doesn’t make this disgusting horror disappear. Animals do suffer. All the time. All over the world.

And you know what? Ignorance isn’t bliss. Not for the poor animal.

stop testing on animals!

Stop testing on animals!

Picture yourself being terrified. Locked up. Confined to a lifetime of barbaric torture. I won’t describe the horror here because I can’t, but if you want to see the reality of animal testing go HERE. But be warned if you are easily upset  😥

For some “animal lovers”, as long as it’s not an animal that is considered a pet that’s suffering, so what?  I’ve never understood that. All animals matter to me.

But I am focusing on cats and dogs here because the horrific truth is that these poor creatures are also being used in experiments and scientific research. Yes, it’s not just mice, rats, monkeys. Dogs and cats. Not that it makes no difference, as I said. To me, all animals are the same. Souls who want to live a decent life on this planet. Like us, they deserve a happy, healthy life. They feel. They love. They care for their children. They feel pain.

Some dogs and cats are specifically bred to be laboratory animals. This is a sickening fact that not many people are aware of.

For example, did you know that in the United States many dog pounds and shelters kill healthy dogs who haven’t been claimed or haven’t found forever homes?

According to Cruelty-Free International, “some of these dogs’ bodies are supplied to commercial companies that then sell them on to colleges and universities for dissection classes.”

Things must change

We must stop burying our heads in the sand because it won’t go away. These animals need our help. To help these poor animals. we must all face reality and speak up.

And just look what can happen if we do.  Just watch this beautiful cat who was rescued from a lifetime of torture in a laboratory. How does it make you feel?

And here’s Shira and Jax taking their first steps to freedom, away from the horrors they were forced to endure as lab animals.

What can you do?

SPEAK UP FOR ANIMALS  worldwide by signing petitions online and sharing the links all over social media to spread the word.





Together we can help end this horror.

Do it for the animals. BE THEIR VOICE!







BE, BLOG AND READ THE CHANGE FOR ANIMALS! – Get the badge & spread the word! #BtC4A

Find out more HERE or click on badge.

Blog the Change for Animals

Blog the Change for Animals

Be a Voice for Animals




photo credit: Fin via photopin (license)

I am sure most cat and dog lovers haven’t a clue that some of our beloved furry friends are being used for animal testing. Well, it’s true. Find out more HERE. But remember, it’s a horrific life for all laboratory animals. NO ANIMAL deserves to be treated and tortured in that way. Please sign the Our Best Friend’s petition to add your voice to the BUAV’s call for the UK Government to end the use of cats and dogs in research.


photo credit: DSC_0004 via photopin (license)

photo credit: DSC_0004 via photopin (license)

It is Rabbit Awareness Week (9th May – 17th May 2015)

Rabbits get a raw deal and Cruelty Free International is highlighting the plight of the thousands of rabbits used each year in laboratories worldwide to test cosmetics and household products.

Did you know that all around the globe rabbits are made to suffer and die in a variety of routine tests for cosmetics products and their ingredients? These include:

Repeated dose toxicity
This test assesses whether long-term repeated use of a substance is poisonous. Rabbits are forced to eat or inhale a cosmetics ingredient or have it rubbed onto their shaved skin every day for 28 or 90 days, and are then killed.

Reproductive toxicity
This test assesses whether use of a substance may have an effect on fertility, sexual behaviour, birth and growth of the young. Pregnant female rabbits are force-fed a cosmetics ingredient and then killed along with their unborn babies. Such tests take a long time and use thousands of animals.

This test assesses how a substance is absorbed, distributed, metabolised and excreted by the body. Rabbits are forced to consume a cosmetics ingredient before being killed and their organs examined to see how the ingredient was distributed in their bodies.

So I urge you to think about all the animals that suffer when you  next shop for your cosmetics and household products. If you truly care about animals, buy cosmetics and household products that are free from animal testing. These companies are approved by the Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS) and Humane Household Products (HHPS) Leaping Bunny scheme. 

You can see which companies are certified by the Leaping Bunny at www.gocrueltyfree.org


photo credit: Watching via photopin (license)

photo credit: Watching via photopin (license)

I don’t know why on earth David Cameron wants to lift the fox hunting ban. I mean really, why does he want the UK to go backwards instead of forwards? This is the 21st Century, not the dark ages, and we are supposed to be living in a modern, civilised society. It looks as if some of us are evolving, but sadly others still want to cling to outdated views and values.

Queen guitarist and animal rights campaigner Dr Brian May said in a recent interview with the Daily Mirror“People have a sadistic pleasure in seeing an animal ripped apart. It’s sadism. To be honest, it’s psychopathic behaviour to enjoy the suffering of another creature. People who have no compassion for animals tend not to have compassion for humans either.”

And I agree.

Do not repeal the fox hunting ban. Sign HERE and HERE  if you agree.

Thoughtful Thursday: Be the Voice for Animals

Voice for the Animals


Let’s all sign these PETITIONS to help animals. They need us!

Justice for Dog Beaten With Belt

Urge Stringent Laws Against Cruelty to Animals In S. C.; Increase Penalties As Felonies

Tell Mars Candy- Stop Animal Experiments

This week is also the World Week of Action for Animals in Laboratories.

The reality is that animals still suffer and die in laboratories. Over 100 million animals are still subjected to suffering and death, being tested for  things such as cosmetics, household products, drugs, pesticides and fertilisers. Find out how to get involved  and take action HERE

 UK General Election

Make sure you vote for someone who cares about animals. Check out the VOTE CRUELTY FREE website to find out MORE

Cruelty Free Laundry

There are now many cruelty free laundry products on the market worldwide so there is no need to use animal tested products to do your washing.

Here are two products I currently use for my laundry washing.

The first is this laundry liquid by Faith In Nature.

Faith In Nature Laundry Liquid

Faith In Nature Laundry Liquid

Before I go into the product review let me just tell you a little bit about Faith In Nature. Based in the UK, the company is 40 years old this year and believe in “using only the best natural ingredients”,  putting “people and our environment first”. They manufacture locally, using naturally-derived cruelty-free sources” and believe in “harnessing the healing powers of nature, but not abusing it in the process.” All this is great news, and I have used a few of their products, which I highly recommend.

The Faith in Nature Natural Organic Laundry Liquid has a nice, easy going scent, not over-powering at all. It is very gentle and you only need a little as it’s super-concentrated. It comes in 1 litre, giving up to 30 washes. I purchased the 1 litre first to see if I liked it and now buy the 5 litre bottle to save money and just pour some into the above 1 litre bottle.

This non-biological laundry liquid is vegan too (all products are vegetarian, most are vegan), and does not contain Enzyme, Parabens, Phosphates or Bleaches.

I think this is the perfect laundry liquid and Faith in Nature is a company I know I can trust. As I said, I have used a few of their products and have not been disappointed. I found the chocolate conditioner excellent and I love their pure hand made soaps (I’ll review these at at a later date).

You can order Faith In Nature products from their website , where you can also find your local stockist. Most products can also be ordered from Amazon.

For fabric conditioner I currently use Under the Sun by Ecover. Ecover is another company that’s been around for a while (35 years) with”sustainability” always “at the heart” of what they do.

Nearly all Ecover products are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians, however Camomile and Marigold Washing Up Liquid is not as it contains Milk Whey. I don’t know why but they claim it’s for hand softening properties. But not to worry as there are 2 vegan alternatives to this product available  – Lemon & Aloe Vera or Grapefruit & Green Tea washing up liquids.

Ecover Fabric Conditioner

Ecover Fabric Conditioner

Anyway, back to the fabric conditioner. It does as it says – makes my laundry luxuriously soft. The only thing for me is that I feel the scent is a bit over-powering, but maybe that’s due to my heightened sense of smell. It’s a nice scent though, not unpleasant.

What I do like about this product is that it is good for my sensitive skin because Ecover only use gentle plant-based ingredients in their products.

For stockists please check out the Ecover website.

Ecover products are also available from Amazon


For more cruelty free Leaping Bunny certified laundry liquids visit

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review. However, this post does contain affiliated links. Full disclosure.

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