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This is one my favourite photos of me and my soulmate.

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Does Your Cat Love To Eat Grass?

My cat Athena loves munching on grass.

She is an indoor cat so I have to buy her the grow- your-own-at-home variety. This is usually wheat or oat-grass that you grow in a tray or pot.

cat  loves grass

I also let her eat grass from our lawn in our back garden when I take her out with the harness. We don’t use any pesticides and fertilizers so I know she’s safe eating this. However, if she were an outdoor cat, free to roam into our neighbour’s gardens, then I’d worry. You just don’t know what’s out there.

Cat grass is easy to grow at home

After a few false starts in trying to grow cat grass I have now found a brand that is very easy to grow. You see, even though I’m a nature lover, I am quite useless at growing anything – I’m just not green-fingered enough. I blame it on the fact that I was born, raised and still live in the city! Or maybe not. We do have nice big back garden, though, and I’d love to start looking after it more.

But  back to the kitty grass. Athena has a fondness for it. No, actually she is addicted. Catnip does nothing for her, but regular grass, well, she calls for it daily.

I keep the cat grass on the bathroom window-sill where it gets plenty of sunlight during the day. The bathroom door is always closed so I only let her have some in the morning, when she seems to be craving it more. I always watch over her, which is important because some cats are in danger of swallowing a large blade of grass and end up choking. So be careful. Best to supervise your cat.

Why do cats like to eat grass?
It’s great for the digestion. It’s also high in vitamins and minerals and adds roughage to the diet, which can help prevent fur balls (hairballs). However, cats don’t have the enzyme to digest the grass, so yes, they can throw up after eating it.

Why do cats sometimes throw up after eating grass?
Mostly, it’s to get rid of those fur balls (hairballs). The grass helps dislodge those troublesome fur balls that can create a blockage in the intestines. Cats instinctively know that this is so. And because cats can’t digest the grass due to lack of enzyme to do so, they will often regurgitate.

How much should a cat eat?
Because my cat is an indoor cat I can monitor her intake and not let her have too much. If your cat spends time outside you may not know how much he or she is eating. Generally though, the cat will know instinctively when they have had enough. But remember, if your cat is an outdoor cat, they may be nibbling on toxic grass that’s been treated with pesticides, etc, so it’s best to have some grass available indoors. Also, providing a pot of grass for your cat will stop them chewing on any toxic house plant you may have indoors (which you shouldn’t have anyway if you have a cat).

You can buy cat grass from pet stores and most supermarkets, as well as online.

Do your cats happily nibble on grass? Do they crave it every day? Please leave a comment and let me know!

Sharing some kitty love

For all those celebrating Mother’s Day today here’s some kitty love. 
It’s a video of my cat Athena enjoying a cuddle with my hand.
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