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7 Ways To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

Want to keep your cat happy and healthy indoors? For many reasons, more and more cat parents are choosing to keep their cats indoors. And I don’t blame them. Having your precious fur baby at home where you can keep her safe from all the nastiness in this world is actually the best thing you can do for him or her. And it gives you peace of mind. Indoor cats are also healthier and have less chance of contracting serious diseases. Outdoor cats are exposed to many dangers, both from other animals and some humans too. Not everyone is a cat lover.

It’s not that hard to keep an indoor cat happy. As pets they don’t really need a lot to be content, and it doesn’t have to be that expensive either. My cat is a happy indoor cat because I make sure that she has all that she needs to be comfortable, healthy, satisfied, and of course, well-loved!


Here are my top 7 tips.

1. Food and Water
First of all, make sure your cat always has a supply of clean water throughout the day. I work from home so I’m always at hand to fill up my cat Athena’s cup with fresh water (yes, she likes to drink out of a cup). But if you are at work all day I would suggest getting a cat water fountain.

Food-wise, leave plenty of dry food available if you are going to be out, especially if you will be at work all day.

Cat Water Fountain


2. Clean litter tray
Cats are clean animals and have a highly-developed sense of smell so a cat’s litter tray should be cleaned and changed regularly. Always make sure to scoop it out after your cat has been.

3. Cat towers and scratching posts.

Most cats like to perch up high and look down on the world. It’s in their nature to do so as back in the wild they would safely watch out for predators and prey from their elevated positions. An indoor cat that doesn’t have access to trees will become frustrated, which in turn can lead to bad behavior. So a cat tree is a must for an indoor cat. It’s great for providing exercise too, and most come with scratching posts attached so cats can sharpen their claws happily (and hopefully save your furniture and wallpaper at the same time).

Remember that cats need to claw. It’s normal behavior for them. They use it to mark territory and to sharpen their claws.

Cat Tower

4. Cat toys
Toys don’t have to be expensive as most cats are happy with screwed up paper (not newspaper because of the print). But bear in mind that cats are likely to chew paper (mine does) so make sure your cat is supervised when playing with it. Cats like string too, but I wouldn’t advise on using any in place of a toy as a cat can easily get tangled up in it, or worse, swallow it or choke on it. I like to use an old tape measure and just pull it along the room, alternating between fast and slow movements, to give my cat the sense that she is chasing prey.

Talking of prey, you can never do away with the cat’s natural instinct for catching prey so it’s important during playtime to let her catch every now and again so as to satisfy her hunter instinct.

A great toy and one of the most popular is the feather toy.

Cat Feather Toy

Or a toy mouse (usually stuffed with cat nip, which some cats go crazy for but mine does not). A soft ball is good too. Another toy many cat owners and behaviorists recommend is a laser chaser (which I’ve never tried and doesn’t appeal to me much) but I know many cats love it and it can provide plenty of exercise for the cat and a lot of fun for you to watch.

Laser Chaser Toy
5. Fresh air and exercise
It’s also important for your cat companion to get some fresh air and exercise so I would suggest that you accompany her for a walk around your garden or around your home (if you don’t live on a busy street, that is). She will need a good harness.
Cat Harness

Try to take her out at least 3 times a week, though daily would be better. Especially during the summer. Also, if you have a back garden you could build an enclosure such as this and let her have some access to the outside for a bit, but be safe in the knowledge that she will be protected from predators. You can also be certain that your cat won’t be able to to escape.

Cat Enclosure

Perhaps you could build a run, or get someone to build one for you. There are many companies that sell them ready made and some will install them for you as well. An online search will bring up many such companies so do look around and take your time to find one that suits your needs.

6. Cat Grass
My cat loves cat grass. It’s full of vitamins and good for getting rid of and preventing fur balls (hairballs). If your cat doesn’t have any access to it, you could buy it online or from pet stores and some supermarkets.

Cat Grass

7. Avoiding loneliness
If you are out all day remember that your indoor cat will get lonely, so think about getting another cat to keep her company. There are many cats in pet shelters in urgent need of loving forever homes. Have a look online to find your local shelter or ask your vet.

Following these simple tips will keep your cat happy and fulfilled. They will also be calmer and hopefully more well-behaved, which makes life much easier for you too and lessens the guilt in having to keep your cat indoors.

These are just a few ideas as there are many more I’m sure. Please feel free to add any other tips and advice I may have missed by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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Friday Fave

I love this picture of Athena as a kitten. She’s sitting on my lap as I try to balance my netbook on it.  It was taken on the second day I adopted her. She felt right at home from the start. 

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