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Tabby Cat Wristlet
Tabby Cat Wristlet by PurrsFullOfLove
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Cat Breed of the Month: Siamese Cat

With such  striking blue eyes, the Siamese cat is a unique looking cat.


photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker via photopin cc

Best known colour is the seal point (a warm dense brown), however, they are also bred in many other colours such as chocolate, blue, and lilac point.

The Siamese is a friendly, affectionate, intelligent and loyal cat. It is good with children and other pets. The Siamese cat is also very vocal.

Siamese Cat History
The Siamese cat originated from Thailand, formerly known as Siam, where this sophisticated breed was held in such high regard that only members of the royal family were permitted to own them. In 1884, as he was leaving, the British Consul, General Gould, was given a Siamese by the king as a farewell gift. It is believed that the offspring of this cat were then exhibited by General Gould’s sister at the 17th Crystal Palace Show in 1885. Since then the Siamese cat has become a much sought after breed.

Click here for more info on the Siamese Cat Breed

Athena’s Gotcha Day!

Two years ago I adopted a beautiful, intelligent, adorable, affectionate 10-week-old tabby kitten called Sophie, who I renamed Athena.

And she is wise, very wise, so both names are appropriate for her (Sophie – Greek for wisdom and Athena – the goddess of wisdom, among other things).

You can read more about how we rescued each other on this post

Athena the kitten

Athena with her mum

And if you want to read the full story check out our books The Cat Years: How My Cat Soulmates Saved Me and A Forever Home For Athena.

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