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This cat video really made me laugh and I thought I’d share: Cat Attacks Singing Card

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Shine On Award

Thank you for nominating me for this award

So, here goes:

I enjoyed the 7 Things About Me (see below), but it was hard picking 15 nominees. I’m afraid I only had time to come up with 8, but anyway, rules were meant to be broken! I always get nervous just in case I annoy someone for nominating them (like they may be too busy to participate). So if I’ve nominated you and you don’t want to do it, don’t worry. I won’t be offended. Also, if you’ve already done it, you can also ignore.

But it is a beautiful award and nice to have it on my blog!

The Rules for the Shine On Award are listed below:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself

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7 Things About Me

  • 1. Apart from animals, my other great passion is music. And like animals, it’s what keeps me going in life.
  • 2. I’m highly-sensitive and an empath. As a result I feel more than the average person. I can also hear more than the average person. In fact, my heightened senses could mean I’m becoming a cat! 
  • 3. My dream as a teen was to become a famous singer. I still like to sing when I can. Don’t care much for the famous part.
  • 4. I have written a vampire trilogy about ancient Greek vampires.
  • 5. I also write screenplays when I get the time. So far I’ve written two for my novels Age of Dreams and Poet’s Blood.
  • 6. I’m a chocoholic, though I’m trying to cut down. 
  • 7. I can read tarot cards (though I don’t do it professionally).

My nominees are:
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National Microchipping Month (UK)

June is National Microchipping Month 

The importance of microchipping your cat 

photo credit: Reportergimmi via photopin cc

If your cat was to wander off or stray a bit too far, or your indoor cat were to escape through a carelessly left open door, what would you do?

Let’s face it, without any form of identification, you will find it difficult to get him or her back, if at all.

Back in the 80s and early 90s when I had my cat Suzy (went over the Rainbow Bridge at 13 human years) I made her wear a name tag with our address on it, attached to a collar. Though she hated wearing a collar at first, she soon got used to it. I gave her the chance to be an outdoor cat but I worried constantly that she would get lost, just like my previous two cats. There was no other option at the time, so collar it was.

Nowadays of course there is the microchip, and I made sure my cat Athena got hers after I adopted her. The procedure was done when I took her to get neutered. She was about five months old at the time.

Supposedly the procedure is no more painful than an injection but most vets recommend that it is done when the animal is under anaesthetic as during the spaying or neutering op. A small microchip (about the size of a grain of rice) is inserted under the cat’s skin between his or her shoulder blades. This small chip contains an identification number which is linked to a database containing details of the cat as well as owner contact details. If your cat were to get lost, a scan of the chip will  reveal your name and address from the database’s records, say for example your cat were to stray and was handed into a shelter, a hand held scanner will read the details on the microchip and then you can easily be reunited with your beloved cat.

Is microchipping safe?
Though rare, there have been  some animals that have developed tumours at the site of the microchip. But this is rare, if you compare it to the many animals that have had microchips implanted in them and were not effected.

Will my cat still have to wear a collar and tag?
It’s up to you. Though most vets do recommend it, especially if your cat is mostly an outdoor cat. Think about it. The person who finds your cat will be able to see your name and contact details and get in touch with you immediately. Some people might not be aware of microchips or have access to a scanner, or may not even think of getting your cat to a vet.
Click here for advice on the best type of collar for your cat

For more information:

Caturday Shopping

Some really beautiful things once again. This time jewellery. But the best thing though is that you are raising money to help the animals if you buy. 
Paw Earrings
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Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any organizations mentioned in this post.

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