5 Tips On How To Trim Your Cat’s Claws

Don’t get mad at your cat if he or she likes to scratch your furnishings and wallpaper. It’s what cats do. Why? Well, it helps to keep their claws trimmed, but also to mark territory. And if you have an indoor cat, this will be a regular occurrence (it is in my household!).

So, with this in mind, it is important to get into the routine of trimming your cat’s claws from when your cat is young.

Whatever you do, DO NOT RESORT TO DECLAWING YOUR CAT.  It’s UNNATURAL AND CRUEL, not to mention extremely painful.

In the UK and many European countries this disgusting and inhumane act is banned. However, I know that in the US it is not. I don’t know about you, but I find this sickening. But that’s another post. Right now I just want to concentrate on getting those claws trimmed.

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How To Trim Your Cat’s Claws

1: Get the right tools.
Of course you will need the right tools for the job. This means you have to buy a special pair of scissors like these. 

2:  Hold your cat.
You will need to hold your cat to make sure that you do not hurt him. Hold him to your lap so that he rests in the crook of your arm while holding the paw with your other hand.

3: Only trim a little.
With the paw in your hand, use your thumb and index finger to press gently on the pad area on the joint just behind the claw. The claw should now extend so you can very carefully snip off its sharp tip. ONLY CUT THIS TIP. No more than this needs to be cut. There is a pink part of the nail where blood vessels and nerve endings lie. This is extremely sensitive and if you cut into this area it will be very painful and may cause bleeding. So BE CAREFUL.

4. Don’t do it all at once.
It’s hard to be able to trim all claws at once (I know, I’ve tried!) so do it slowly and attempt to trim one or two claws at a time. Give it a few days and then try doing two more. You will need to do this until your cat gets used to the routine.

5. Give your cat a treat.
And of course, after all that, you should give your cat a treat. Not only because you love him or her dearly, but because it will help them associate having a regular trim with nice rewards. And don’t forget to tell him or her what a good kitty they are!

Tiger Tuesday

You may have read this on my cat Athena’s blog but I thought I’d post it here too because I feel it’s important to share (and I love big cats as well as little ones!)

But the sad truth is that there are only just 3,200 tigers left in the wild.

Which is why Whiskas UK is helping to fund WWF’s work to save the world’s endangered tigers.

You can find out more here and get your own little tiger involved too

or watch this video

  Please Note:I am in no way affiliated with Whiskas and WWF

Vintage Cat Photography

I love browsing the web for vintage photos of cats. I find it so inspiring and it feeds my own creativity, especially now with my sudden interest in photography. Well, I say sudden, but the truth is I’ve always loved taking photos but I never knew just how much until my cat Athena came into my life! I’ve said time and time again that she is my muse, and I’m right. Not only has she inspired my blogs, books and designs,  but now she is my little model too and she seems quite happy to pose for me. I think she’s a natural!
Also, since I am now writing two pet blogs, I feel I really need to learn how to take great photos so as not to  have worry too much about finding pictures on the web that I can use freely without constantly thinking about copyright.
So, this is just a post to let you know I will be sharing a lot of photos on this blog (as well as on Athena’s blog) as I practice my art. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos I post!

Here are 2 gorgeous vintage pictures I found online.

vintage cat photo
And here’s one I took of Athena (vintage style)
cat photo in vintage style

Urgent Homes Needed

I can’t bear to see the sad little faces of animals in rescue shelters, knowing the sad truth that some of them won’t be lucky enough to find the loving, forever home they deserve.

I wish I could rescue them all. But that is impossible and unrealistic so all I can do is share on my blog and tweet and pin and hope that these dear ones get lucky and find their forever homes soon.

Hopefully, by doing this, I can raise awareness for pet adoption. Please ADOPT DON’T SHOP!


“Tori is a 9-week old female domestic medium haired Tortie (Tortoiseshell) and Tabby mix. Her fur is a beautiful mix of orange, white, brown, black, and white (also known as Calico). She has lived with dogs, other cats, and children. After she’s had a long day of being friendly and active, she likes to quiet down and be affectionate with her forever family.”

For more information about Tori CLICK HERE


“Max is a 5 month old, black, white, and gray male tabby. A nice man took him in as a stray, but was unable to keep him. Max is loving, affectionate, and wants nothing but your attention. He is also playful and friendly. Let him be your best friend!”

For more information about Max CLICK HERE


“Cleo is a 9-week old female, domestic medium haired Tabby. She is mostly grey and black with a little brown mixed in. She has been around dogs, other cats, and children. She’s friendly and active, sometimes indifferent. She is also quiet and affectionate and loves to cuddle. She is a bit cautious but if you become her forever family she will warm up to you quickly!”

For more information about Cleo CLICK HERE


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