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I wish I had enough money to open a cat sanctuary. It’s my dream. Always has been. As a youngster, full of big dreams of becoming a singer and author, I naively thought I’d make enough money (OK, a fortune) to buy a house and land in the country and help animals in some way.

Of course, only the lucky few get to live out their dream life, and now I am older and wiser, I try to help animals in any small way that I can. Using blogging and social media is an excellent way to help animals and get your message across.

So here is my weekly post for pet adoption, focusing on cats because I am a huge cat lover and this blog began as a cat blog (hence the title). Since I have another cat blog for my own rescue cat Athena, I am now using Purrs Full of Love for blogging about  animal welfare and advocacy (as well as for showcasing my other passion – pet photography).

Being a British blogger, I normally use the Meow Monday Rescue post to blog about cats in the UK needing forever homes. But today I am posting for these URGENT cats in the US who are unfortunately listed on Death Row. It sickens me to know that so many sweet homeless pets will be facing euthanasia if no homes are found. It really breaks my heart and I can’t bear to look into their pained eyes. However, ignoring them won’t help them at all, and that’s what I am here for, to help animals and be their voice. There is nothing I can do other than raise awareness by sharing them,  in the hope that someone, somewhere, can rescue them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO SO IF YOU CAN!


Urgent Cats on Death Row


Looking for a cat to adopt in the UK?

Find your purrfect feline friend at Cats Protection

Check out CatChatOrg, a fabulous resource of UK rescue shelters.

Want to rescue a pet in the US or anywhere else?

There are so many pets on my rescue board urgently waiting for their forever homes.
Follow Marie Symeou”s board Pet Adoption & Rescue on Pinterest.

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Proud cat mum Marie Symeou is a writer, cat blogger/photographer & animal rights advocate. Her rescue cat Athena is her muse and soulmate.

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