Caturday Shopping

I know that you are all thinking it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas, but
 I for one don’t think it is. Writing this on yet another very hot day (will this long hot summer ever end?), I am so longing for Christmas and snow, I can tell you. Not that it ever does snow at Christmas in the UK, but never mind. 
For this Caturday I’ve found these lovely cards from some UK animal charities. Check them out and their websites for more.
Ebony Christmas Card
Cats Protection 
Winter Shelter Christmas cardWood Green
Photo Frame Cards
Blue Cross
Pack of 10 quality Christmas cards
National Animal Welfare Trust
Pack of 10 quality Christmas cards.
National Animal Welfare Trust

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Proud cat mum Marie Symeou is a writer, cat blogger/photographer & animal rights advocate. Her rescue cat Athena is her muse and soulmate.

4 Thoughts on “Caturday Shopping

  1. Anonymous on 1st September 2013 at 4:37 pm said:

    I loved this Web site for cat-themed products!! Thanks for showing it to us.

  2. those are adorable! Often people’s local animal shelters have holiday cards that may be purchased too. I bought some from Michigan Humane last year.

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