Cat Breed of the Month: Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat is large, heavy boned, semi-longhaired and elegant. This remarkable looking cat matures slowly and does not reach full adulthood until four years old.


This breed is larger than your average cat, with long legs, big neck ruffs and ear tufts. Not forgetting those bushy tails! And their eyes are amazing and glow so beautifully.

Norwegian Forest Cat


photo credit: Froskeland via photopin cc


Intelligent, and very friendly, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed that is excellent with kids as it is quite a patient cat and not likely to stress around them. It’s a breed that will also not mind other pets in the household and will be keen to have other animal companions in the home.  The Norwegian Forest cat will love human company too and can be extremely affectionate. Another thing about these cats is that they love water (not surprising really since they come from Scandinavia, which is filled with beautiful lakes!)


Norwegian Forest Cats were known to have originated from yes, Norway, and were found in Norwegian folklore. Because of this they were also often referred to as ‘fairy cats’. However, some believe the Vikings took these cats back to Norway with them on trading ships from places like Turkey and that the Norwegian Forest cat is actually descended from the Turkish Angora Cat. These amazing-looking cats were kept as family pets by Vikings as well as being taken on Viking ships to help deal with the problem of rodents on board.

Norwegian Forest Cat
photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_BACK_FROM_ICELAND via photopin cc

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  1. These cats are so cute! Love them.

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

    Have a nice weekend too!

  3. The humans are wondering if my lil sister Kitshka isn’t part Norwegian Forest. We don’t know what her cat dad was so maybe…
    Thanks for this post! Have a nice weekend!

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