Black and White Sunday

Black and White Sunday is one of my fave blog hops because black & white photography is one of my passions. There is just something wonderful, intense, magical and atmospheric about black and white photos. I just think that black and white brings out the beauty of things, or rather highlights it. I don’t know. As a kid I loved watching black and white movies (I’m not that old, I just love b & w films) and thinking how much more attractive b & w made them appear.

And here we have my lovely cat daughter Athena. I always love how striking her markings appear in black and white.


The Black and White Sunday Blog Hop is hosted by NOLA and SUGAR!Black and White Sunday

About Marie

Proud cat mum Marie Symeou is a writer, cat blogger/photographer & animal rights advocate. Her rescue cat Athena is her muse and soulmate.

4 Thoughts on “Black and White Sunday

  1. We love your black and white Sunday pictures. Wow your paws look so big and Mum would love to smooch them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. We hope you get this comment as we’ve been having problems if we see this has got through we will come back and comment properly.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. I love black and white photography, too, and I really love Athena’s paws in this beautiful photo!

  4. There’s a certain Beauty that exists on Black n White photography. Lovely markings and of course we love Athena’s beautiful eyes. Happy Black n White Sunday. Golden Woofs

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