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Proud cat mum Marie Symeou is a writer, cat blogger/photographer & animal rights advocate. Her rescue cat Athena is her muse and soulmate.

Suzy (1985-1998)

Black and white Sunday Selfies of my beloved angel cat Suzy.

On the 29th of June 1998 she crossed he bridge but I’ll never forget her. This beautiful girl was with me for 13 years and was my everything. Always there to help me through many heartaches and from her I received the most beautiful unconditional love. And of course she had all the love she could ever need from me and my family. But it was me who took the most care of her and I know she looked upon me as her mother.  She was my first fur-daughter.

I miss you, Sweetie xxxxx

Suzy on the patio

black and white Sunday Selfie


Caturday Art


Sunday Selfie

The Neighbour’s Cat Sunday BW Selfie

Black and White Sunday

The neighbour’s cat on our fence



The neighbour’s cat in colour


Cutie next door

Next door neighbour cat



Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

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Caturday Art: Athena Watercolour

Athena in watercolour

I created this cat art in Photoshop Elements 13 using the watercolour filter. I felt that it looked a bit pale so I went to BeFunky and used Beautify to, well, beautify it! I love how it accentuates her lovely green eyes.

Caturday Art


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Some cool cat stuff for the summer and some of my own designs.

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