Advice and Likes For Moofy

Moofy lives in New Zealand with her guardians Pat and Liz and her two brothers and sisters. She believes she is the quirkiest tabby ever. She is also a World Champion Curtain Climber and holds the record for the Longest Time Spent on Back with Legs in Air. She says she’s the First Cat to Wag her Tail better than a dog.
Moofy is a courageous kitty because she won’t let her tumour stop her from enjoying life. She loves to rush around in the garden and climbing trees, and in her own words ‘looking incredibly cute.’

The vet has already said to Moofy and her guardians that the tumour is in an awkward place to be removed surgically.  Moofy is glad about that because she hates going to the vet, and who can blame her?
What Moofy would love is for you to like her page and cheer her on. I’m sure you will all agree that she needs all our support right now. 
Do you have any ideas on how to shrink the tumour?
She would love to hear from you if you do. Hop on over to her Facebook page and meet Moofy and give her page a like. That way you can follow her and if you do have any ideas or advice you can tell her directly.
Let’s send our healing thoughts and best wishers to Moofy now!

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Proud cat mum Marie Symeou is a writer, cat blogger/photographer & animal rights advocate. Her rescue cat Athena is her muse and soulmate.

2 Thoughts on “Advice and Likes For Moofy

  1. You are so welcome, Moofy!

    Love from Marie xx

  2. A big purry thank you to you, Marie!
    Love from Moofy

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