Black and White Sunday

I love photographing cats’ faces and capturing the elegance of their feline beauty and amazing characteristics. All cats come with their own unique personality, just like humans!

Here is my adorable Athena  – up close with her purrfect tabby markings. She’s sitting high up on her cat tree and gazing out the patio door and obviously something caught her eye. A bird probably!  I took the photo with a 50mm lens and cropped it to required size after converting to black and white.

black and white cat photography

Today I am joining Sugar the Golden Retriever’s Black and White Sunday Blog Hop and The Cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.

Caturday Art Old Style Sepia

I love the look of old photos and so I created this in Picasa using the sepia filter. Hope it looks quite vintage!

sepia tone cat photo

Athena with her cute paws tucked in and looking comfy on top of her cat tree

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Black and White Sunday Selfie Selfie

Happy Sunday!

A bit addicted to the Prisma app right now so here’s a lovely arty pic of Athena in black and white. I just love this app!


And this pretty little girl is my neighbour’s cat, enjoying spot of sunbathing in our back garden. She’s such a friendly little cat. After I’d finished our mini photo session she got up and rubbed against my legs. I gave her a little pet and thanked her for letting me take pictures of her. I just love taking photos of cats (and talking to them too) They make the best friends. I always find it hard to talk to humans but it’s so different with cats. They are so wise and I get so much from them by just being in their company and staring into those beautiful eyes that are filled with ancient wisdom.

black and white sunday

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The Black and White Collection

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Caturday Art With Athena: Cartoon Effect

I really like FotoSketcher and return to it for creating more arty photos often.

This is one of the cartoon filters, which I played around with to get the desired effect.

caturday art

Athena playing with one of her toy mice cartoon style


playing with toy mouse

Original photo


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