Black and White Sunday: Guest Cat Model

Here is a regular ginger tabby visitor to our garden – I call him Ginger (what else?) He loves all the attention and enjoys modelling for me while Athena is busy napping.

Black and White Sunday

black and white Sunday

black and white Sunday

I have also just found out that it’s Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day and so I wanted to post a black and white photo of my beautiful black and white angel Suzy.

She was my first soulmate cat. I’ve written about her and other precious cats in my memoir and even created a fictional tale about her in The Snowflake Pendant.  She continues to inspire me and I’ll never forget my sweet tuxie girl.
Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

black and white sunday

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Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

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Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

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Caturday Art With Athena: Back to the Sixties

A bit of vintage today – back to the 60s.  I used Picasa to achieve this lovely vintage look.

Caturday Art: Back to the 60s

I’d also like to share a 60s photo of little me, taken by my dad back in the late 60s. He was quite into photography as well – shame he didn’t keep at it. But that was my dad, may he rest in peace (miss you, Dad.)

Back to the sixties vintage photography

I think my dad took this photo on a Balda Baldix camera, a camera we still have to this day, though I’m not sure it still works properly. I write about this camera in more detail in this post if you want to read more about it and my own photography journey.

My Journey From Writer to Pet Photographer

Black and White Sunday

I love photographing cats’ faces and capturing the elegance of their feline beauty and amazing characteristics. All cats come with their own unique personality, just like humans!

Here is my adorable Athena  – up close with her purrfect tabby markings. She’s sitting high up on her cat tree and gazing out the patio door and obviously something caught her eye. A bird probably!  I took the photo with a 50mm lens and cropped it to required size after converting to black and white.

black and white cat photography

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Caturday Art Old Style Sepia

I love the look of old photos and so I created this in Picasa using the sepia filter. Hope it looks quite vintage!

sepia tone cat photo

Athena with her cute paws tucked in and looking comfy on top of her cat tree

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