Caturday Art

Yesterday it was International Tiger Day, and in honour of that, here is a photo of my own little tiger made all artsy for Caturday Art.

I used one of the free Grunge effects on BeFunky (not all effects are free unfortunately).

little tiger

Athena Wild Kitty


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Black and White Sunday

It’s Sunday, and that means we are joining Sugar and Nola’s Black and White Sunday Blog Hop

I took this photo of Athena on my iPhone 6 and really like the way it came out. Her tabby markings look striking 🙂

beautiful tabby markings in black and white


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Caturday Art

This beautiful ginger tabby is one of the most friendliest cats I’ve ever met. He is always hanging around our garden and out the front of the house. He makes a wonderful cat model too 🙂

First, here is the original photo of him I took the other day whe he was rolling about on the ground.

Ginger Cat


I then went to BeFunky and added an artsy Impressionist filter
Caturday Art Impressionist Style

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Black and White Sunday

Athena’s Gotcha Day is 21st July 2011. She came into my life a tiny 10 week old kitten. All I know of her is that she was abandoned in someone’s garden. But when I adopted her from Wood Green, The Animals Charity and got her home she wasn’t afraid of anything. She just wanted food. And lots of it! Then she wanted to nap on my lap. I couldn’t believe how affectionate she was, especially after all she’d been through. I’m sure it’s all thanks to Wood Green and their amazing staff and volunteers that this little tabby girl was able to trust me. Or maybe she just knew I was meant to be her human mother. I am pretty sure she chose me because when I went into the shelter to see her (after I saw her on the website) she immediately came towards me in her pen and we touched paw to finger through the mesh door. We bonded immediately and on her first night with me two days after meeting  for the time, when I got to take her home, she slept on my bed with me. It was amazing how much she wanted to be close to me all the time. I knew then that all I wanted was to take care of this little bundle of fluff and joy. My beautiful fur daughter.
black and white sunday gotcha day

Join Sugar the Golden Retriever for the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop and The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies

You can read about how Athena and I rescued each other in A Forever Home For Athena. All proceeds will go to 3 of my favourite pet charities.

A Forever Home For Athena