Black and White Close Up

black and white sunday close up

Black and White Sunday Selfie

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the cat on my head



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Lithograph Effect #CaturdayArt

Athena having a wash. I used the lithograph filter in Photoshop Elements to create this effect.

caturday art

Caturday Art Blog Hop

Join Athena for more Caturday Art fun

New Camera #FlashbackFriday

I fell in love with photography all over again when I began pet blogging, just after I adopted my beautiful tabby girl Athena five years ago.

I cringe at some of the earlier photos I took of her because most were on my old Blackberry phone and quite blurry. I decided that if I wanted to be taken seriously as a blogger, I had to take my blog content more seriously too. So then I began reading up on photography and was quickly amazed at how much information is out there if you look for it.

My really old digital camera had to go and so I purchased a Canon point and shoot at first, which is really quite good and will do just fine for blog photos. It is my current back up camera.

But in October 2013 I decided to treat myself to something a little more expensive because I was really loving my new hobby and was keen to work hard at becoming a better photographer. I  chose a Canon 600D and this is the camera I am now using the most for my blog and cat photography.

So here is a flashback to some of the first shots I took of Athena with that camera. It was 3 years ago and I know my photos have improved a lot since then. Athena is the purrfect model!

cat photography

sepia cat photography

black and white cat photo

black and white cat photo

Thoughtful Thursday: Speak Up For Cats #TrueCostOfKittens

Kittens need your help!

true cost of kittens

Protect kittens bred for sale

Cats Protection is calling for a change in the law to prevent the sale of sick and underage kittens.

Why is this law needed?

Kittens that are sick and far too young to be separated from their mother are being sold by those who are more interested in money than the welfare of animals. The law in the UK needs to change in order to prevent the sale of these sick and underage kittens. The Government is reviewing the law governing the sale of pets for the first time in over 60 years.

Cats Protection wants better safeguards for the commercial sale of all types of cats across the board whether they are non-pedigree ‘moggies’ or pedigrees.

Cats Protection is calling for:

  • prohibition on sales of kittens under eight weeks
  • closure of legal loopholes that allow repeat commercial breeding for sale from the family cat or cats
  • a clear definition of commercial pet sales to protect the welfare of cats and kittens

 Take action now

If you’d like to get involved with the campaign, click here to sign the e-petition


You can follow the campaign on Twitter by clicking here and by helping to raise awareness by sharing with the hashtag #TrueCostOfKittens

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. My only link with the Cats Protection is as a supporter. 

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