Sunday Black and White Selfie

I spy a bug on the wall

I spy a bug on the wall behind you…

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Sunday Selfies

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Caturday Art: Vintage Cat

vintage photo

Athena looking quite vintage


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Sunday Selfies: Sitting Comfortably

Hope you are taking it easy this Sunday like these two kitties.

Black and White Sunday in a Box

Athena sitting in her box


Neighbour's Kitty

Neighbour’s kitty on the fence by the washing line post

Sunday Selfies

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We are thinking of our friends and their fur families right now that are in the path of Irma.

Hope you are safe and sound Sending purrs and positive vibes xx

Caturday Art: Reflections

Caturday Art

Gazing out Cyanotype Style



Sepia Caturday Art

Caturday Art Sepia


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Athena's Caturday Art

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